Tampa Boudoir | Emaly's intimate Photos

Q. Name? 

A. Emaly Cook

Q. What is your occupation? 

A. Interpreter 

Q. Why did you do a boudoir session?

A. I had my son 3 years ago and gained a lot of weight making me feel very uncomfortable in my own skin. I have been working on my body and my self esteem so when I found out about boudoir from a friend and thought "why not. " 

Q. Did you enjoy the experience? 

A. I loved my session. I have never felt more like a woman and comfortable with my body in my entire life. I was so impressed with how all my "flaws" we turned into amazing pictures that I want to show off. 

Q. What was your favorite part? 

A. I loved the atmosphere I could be myself and never felt weird for wanting to show off my body . Getting my hair and make up done made me feel so confident I had to even go out that night to show it off!! 

Q. What would you say to someone who wants to do it but is scared? 

A. Just do it!! It is such a great time to be able to see yourself in a new way and get dolled up!