Tampa Boudoir | JUST DO IT!

Q. Why did you choose Sweet Plum Boudoir? 

A. I have been wanting to do a shoot for a while now and then I found out my friend had done a shoot and she had just gotten her book. I asked her if I could see it and I immediately fell in love with your work. She told me all about you and I quickly added the Facebook group and page and looked at all the blogs and albums. Your work is amazing! And you help everyone look flawless 

Q. Did you enjoy the experience? 

A. I loved it! I cannot wait to do another one. I love everything with setting up the appointment, the day of the shoot and then having all my questions answered when I was ready to order my pictures 

Q. Were you nervous about the shoot? 

A. I was extremely nervous. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I asked my friend to come with me for moral support. I learned that I was a lot more shy than I thought I was. 

Q. What was your favorite part?

A. The actual shoot. You showing me how to do a pose. Telling me to relax and that I was doing good giving me that boost in confidence that I needed.

Q. What would you say to someone who wants to do it but is scared? 

A. I would say “JUST DO IT!!! “ the more you think about it the more you’ll get freaked out and not do it. Just sign up and when the day comes it will be the best experience you have ever had you will walk out of that studio feeling like a million bucks. Let alone wait until you see the pictures you will be so proud of yourself


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