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Most of my clients that come to me for intimate portraits in Tampa start out doing their session for their significant other. And that’s great, but you have to do it for you too. Women are told daily how they should look and feel about their body. We are put into catagories and constantly feel like we are not pretty enough, skinny enough, curvy enough, fit enough, flat enough, enough enough! It is such a bummer. When we talk about your session Im going to tell you that you have to do your session for YOU too, not just for your significant other. We need to love our body and the way it is TODAY in what ever shape it is. Your body is amazing and deserves to be treasured for the vessel of your beautiful soul. Do we have things we wish were bigger, smaller, more firm? sure! but that’s normal, everyone does just try to not focus on those things and find the things you like and complement that when you look in the mirror instead of looking for the thing you wish to change.

Your boudoir session will be about you and your beauty. So do it for you! When you walk out reflect on the feeling you had at your session. When you come in to see your images look at those things you love about you. How do you look at your BFF? do you see her “flaws”? nope. You see her as perfect so put on those BFF goggles when you come in for your reveal and love you like you love her.


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