what they have said...

"One of the best things I've ever done. Totally out of my comfort zone! Wine if you need it, I thought I would and didn't. I had no plans to take anything but bra & panty shots... girl I practically was buck naked that's how comfy Patty Makes you feel about yourself. Take it from this grandmother of 4!!"

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"Do it. Don’t even question yourself. You walk in terrified. You walk out with a confidence you never knew you had. Somewhere during the session you will pull out an inner strength that has been hiding, just dying to show off. You need this for you. You deserve this."



"Patty gives you permission to be your truest self. I've always felt that I was awkward. Pretty, but a mom. This experience helped me remember Jennifer outside of being a mom. It's always worth it, and a session with Patty makes you feel like you're walking on air for weeks afterward, and every time you look at your photos."


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