Why? Why should you book a boudoir session?

Why? Why should you book a boudoir session?


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I can give you lots of reasons...

  • your birthday

  • his or her birthday

  • getting married

  • anniversary

  • went through a change

  • christmas

  • valentines day

  • you're single

  • you have lingerie you want to show off

  • need to feel sexy again

if none of those fit you give me a call and we can come up with a reason together

As women we are given conflicting information... Be sexy, but not too sexy. Be smart, but not too smart. Being pretty is more important then anything else.  It's time for us to own our sexuality and be proud of the amazing body we have. We are not getting any younger and maybe you will lose those 10 pounds and maybe you wont, but I can promise you that you are amazing right here and right now. I want you to fall in love with you. 


email: sweetplumboudoir@gmail.com phone: 407-580-7679